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If you’ve ever seen the movie with Robin Williams titled “What Dreams May Come”, then you might have a good head start on this post.  If not, that’s okay too.  I wanted to consider an idea that sounds a bit like the movie aforementioned, but in a more realistic way rather than as a fantasy meant for the big screen.  What if… what if there were an actual overlap between heaven (as we commonly refer to it as), and earth.  I’m not talking so much about “The Adjustment Bureau” (if you’ve seen that movie), but rather the idea of what might be easier understood starting from the perspective of the New Age concept of “energy”.  Let’s talk about a few things that’ll tie into this idea, and then a conclusion of why this matters.

All around us is a sort of “energy” that exists.  I’ve mentioned this concept before, comparing eastern Chi and western Faith.  You can find that discussion here.  That this is the general idea that I’m referring to, but on an even broader spectrum (zoom the lens out a bit more).  New Age people call this an “energy”, monks call it “chi”, christians call it “faith”, Star Wars calls it “the force”, science hints at it through “string theory”, philosophers call it “the universal laws”, and spiritual people call it “the spirit realm”.  Now, please don’t think that I believe all of these to be the exact same thing.  I don’t.  If you’d like more information on that, please feel free to see my entire series called “The Experience Of God“, where I discuss the differences in some of these.  But they do have something in common (which is why I bring it up).  They each have a component of realization that there is something beyond our own physical world, into a world that we can’t calculate using the same laws of our own universe.  I know each of those examples,  Check Out This Information, they are quite different from each other, but look closer for a moment in what they share in common.  This is the heart of the topic for today.  I showed you a video about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment, and about how these seemingly different worlds overlap one another (the spiritual realm and the physical one).  What if… we were able to begin to understand this connection?

Please don’t think I actually have the profound answer to that question.  I have the same information available to me that many others have provided for themselves.  We have a glimpse of truth found in the understandings of these overlaps, though we don’t always know how to accurately define such things.  But just because one cannot put ink and paper to an idea does not invalidate it.  These truths abide, regardless of how well we are able to articulate them.  I want to simply uncover the idea that these things not only exist, but that we can in fact tap into them.  Comparing all of those aforementioned references of what various people call this connection, I’d like to focus on two in particular.  One is Star Wars’ “the Force”, and the other is Christianity’s “faith”.

I wrote a post talking about how our brains are muscles, and that faith is one of the muscles in our brains that can be exercised and built up, just as short term memory can be enhanced, and etc.  This connection in our physical bodies and the realm of faith indicates that we are able to not only have a connection to this spiritual world, but that we can actually begin to strengthen this connection through practice.  If you look at the idea of Star Wars’ “the force”, we can see some interesting concepts.  Yoda mentions it as being “in everything”; it’s in the rocks, the water, the air, the animals, the plants, the people.  It’s inside us.  Jesus said something quite similar talking on the kingdom of God.  “And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-21.  This is a very different concept than the one we tend to practice in this country, where we always refer to the idea that “heaven is up there in the clouds somewhere”.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re both technically correct.  But the majority of the times where Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, He’s not referring to the place you go when you die (not going to get into the theology of that idea on this post), but rather the actual connection between the spiritual realm where God exists, and the physical realm where we do.  He even states in another place that this connection is the sole residence of His actions.  “Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.” – John 5:19.  That in itself seems to be the ultimate goal here (at least in my opinion).  What would happen if we could live in that overlap between the two worlds?  That is the idea presented scripturally.  “For we walk by faith, not by sight” – 2 Corinthians 5:7.

With The Force, we see a world in where we could tap into this energy around us, and use this energy to effect our physical reality.  Chi has by nature gone the route of developing this into a spiritual art form.  What’s interesting even more so about The Force, is that there is a strong distinction between the light side and the dark side; and though they both have their powers, they always come back to the idea that the light side is the ultimate winner.  I feel like I could make an entire secondary post about this concept and its overlap with scripture, but I’ll simply condense it and leave it here.  Think about this less as a concept in a movie, and more with your own experiences.  Think about neuroscience and how chemical reactions in the brain occur.  Think about The Rice Experiment.  Now, picture someone angry and full of vengeful rage.  Do they have an “energy” to them?  You bet!  It’s almost palpable.  You can (if you’re paying any attention at all) walk into a room and feel the energy of someone fuming, even if you never see their face or body for clues.  It’s like something is off.  This is one of many examples of the dark side, but it’s an easy one to understand (I think).  Now what about the opposite (the light side)?  Ever walk into a room where the energy level was just off the hook?!  If you haven’t, I suggest you go to a place of good worship.  You’ll feel it.  All around is a sort-of vibe in the air that is nigh infectious.  Depending on your experiences in life, you might be leaning towards which side is stronger (more “force”).  As a guy who has experienced both in my life, I can promise you that the light side is always stronger.  I’ve seen dark and angry people fall broken at the alter.  I’ve seen the hurting and wounded, blinded and hopeless find meaning in the joy of Christ.  This “light side” is powerful enough to overcome any darkness.  No matter how much the darkness strains, it cannot put out the light of a candle.  Maybe this is a bad example, but the dark side is like a microwave, and the light side is like an oven.  It’s easy to shift the mood to something like “anger” (using that example still), when someone punches you in the face (for example).  The mood can shift dramatically.  And subsequently, the energy you have in you, the vibe you put off, and now the energy around you… shifts to the bad really fast (hence the microwave).  But here’s the difference when it comes to good energy: little things can shift your energy from neutral to bad.  But if you’re having an amazing day (good vibes, etc), then why are you still smiling when someone cuts you off in traffic?  Why are you still elated when it starts to rain?  Because (like the oven) the good energy lasts!  Do not overlook the value of love as being the most powerful of forces.  Even the Bible said it this way “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Back to the overview at hand though.  We understand there is an energy around us.  If you don’t believe so, feel free to begin with any of those first options I mentioned in the second paragraph.  Consider how they discuss the idea of a world beyond our own.  Yet I present to you the idea that “what if…” we were able to not only see the different worlds, but to abide in that overlap?  What if we could life in that place where heaven overlaps earth?  If you could, would you become a Jedi?  Or maybe to the followers of Jesus I might say “if you could, would you walk always in the spirit?”

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