About Me


All about me:  Well, I guess I’ll start out with the basics and then get to more specific stuff from there.  I’ll post the rest of this on the blog where you can learn more about me.


I am a Christian!  Not a religious stance, but rather just where my heart is.  I was once a wretched, miserable person, and one day, someone pointed me to a loving Savior.  He’s changed everything I’m about.  I was married to an amazing wife (Jen); we were married together for 6 years before we separated, and have two kids together… a 7 year old son (Skylar), and a 5 year old daughter (Grace).  I ran my own photography company for about 6 and half years but decided to sell the business in lieu of other entrepreneurial opportunities.  I’m currently pursuing a lifestyle as a professional driver.  I have lived in 22 different zip codes, and currently reside in Wytheville, VA (where I call “home”).  I stopped working full time recently to pursue a better sense of “true life”, and chase my passions… to just LIVE!  I can speak ASL pretty fluently, and can keep up pretty well in conversations in Spanish.  I also used to interpret for the deaf on the weekends (sign language), and was involved in the music ministry and deaf ministry at my church in Surprise, AZ.  I served as the Executive Staff Pastor at a church I helped launch outside of Raleigh, NC as well.  Other than that, I enjoy backpacking and camping, ultimate frisbee, adventures, trying new things, hangin’ out with friends, and etc.!  Well, that’s me in a nutshell….


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