Developing Resentment

Saturday, 14 December 2019 by childofGod778

You know those times where you're somewhere between sleep and awake, and your brain comes up with interesting angles on things? Yeah, I really cherish those moments. It's almost like a natural drug in a way, as new pathways in the brain begin to open up, connecting dots that were not previously seen. This idea comes from that place last night. The Combination of Kratom and Weed has good effects you health, in you can find more information. I was reflecting (on the day previo...

Absolute Truth vs Relative Truth

Monday, 17 October 2016 by childofGod778

This seems to be a topic that came up, and had a big cultural discussion for a while, but never really got settled in peoples minds.  For a while, there was a question of whether truth was absolute, or relative.  This was mostly discussed when it came to morals, though I will only lightly touch on that today.  See, how can we say that what is true for me is true also for you?  Is there such a thing as absolute truth, or is all truth relative to the individual?  I think it's much tougher to start with moral perspectives, so let's come back...

A Parallel Universe

Monday, 10 October 2016 by childofGod778

If you've ever seen the movie with Robin Williams titled "What Dreams May Come", then you might have a good head start on this post.  If not, that's okay too.  I wanted to consider an idea that sounds a bit like the movie aforementioned, but in a more realistic way rather than as a fantasy meant for the big screen.  What if... what if there were an actual overlap between heaven (as we commonly refer to it as), and earth.  I'm not talking so much about "The Adjustment Bureau" (if you've seen that movie), but rather the idea of what might be ...

Making A Mission Statement (Part 5)

Monday, 3 October 2016 by childofGod778

Well, we've arrived at the final part of this journey through this chapter we've been looking at by Matt Perman in his book "What's Best Next".  We've been looking at creating a mission statement based on the chapter called "What’s Your Mission? How Not to Waste Your Life".  This week, we wrap up the series and put some conclusions to the matter.  So here's the final part of that chapter for you to consider. An Example From The Best Mission Statement In The History Of The World When creating your mission statement, it’s helpful t...

A Summit Hike

Friday, 30 September 2016 by childofGod778

Today I had the privilege of going on a hike with a friend that shall remain nameless.  We went on a 12 mile hike on the AT, where we had a healthy lunch along the way.  It was an incredible day, and a great temperature for doing the hike.  This picture was from a vista part-way up. Great company and a good stretch for the day.  I am a huge fan of the Appalachian Trail. - 778 -  

The Aspirations Of The Lofty

Thursday, 29 September 2016 by childofGod778

So my best friend Shawn gave me an audiobook to listen to called "Sir Apropos Of Nothing".  It's a comical twist on your typical hero story, because the whole thing is told from the main character, who is in fact always not the main character of the story (the background of the story will help you understand the quote better).  His whole life is a realization that he is not in fact the "chosen one" as predicted, but instead he's a side-note to everyone else's story.  And his epiphany of this came in the form of this beautiful quote (that I h...

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