In My Head (Part 2): Spiritual Discernment

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There are two more things that I will share with you about my mind, after writing “About Me (Part 4)”.  If you haven’t read it yet, I would suggest glancing it over to help aid you with this article.  Today I’m going to share more about “the way my brain works”, as it relates to two specific gifts: 1) Spiritual Discernment, and 2) Psychology.  Pertaining Spiritual Discernment, I first must say that it is a spiritual gift, and I don’t claim any specialty pertaining to the gift other than that man who receives it.  Now, that being said, there are a couple factors that really make the experience unique for me.  But first, let me explain what I mean by “Spiritual discernment” for a moment.  I’m referring to the ability to “perceive things” without being informed of them from an outside source.  For this blog post, I will express only a simple example of what I am referring to in this gift.  Now, I’ve had this gift for as long as I can remember having memory.  Even when I was a little kid, long before I met Jesus, I had this gift.  Feel free to put your own theoretical/doctrinal thesis below on why you might agree/disagree with that being possible, but I’ll carry on for now.

Even as a young kid, I could tell immediately when I looked at someone what kind of person they were.  What types of decisions they made, their strengths and weaknesses, and who they “were”.  As a kid, I simply thought that was the way the world worked… that EVERYONE saw those things in others.  Which of course did make me wonder why people decided to be friends with people who were obviously terrible people with dark “souls”.  But I figure, we have free-will and free choice to accept anyone who we’d like.  As I got older, this concept never faded, but became more “controlled” as I began to be able to turn the gift on and off like a light switch.  I was able to block the signal from taking over my thoughts and invading them when I didn’t want them to (there are useful times where one wants to be able to block such information; knowledge is power, but not all power is good at the wrong time).  As I increased in my own knowledge (growing up), I began to be able to put facts to theories, and put deeper reasoning into the basis of what I had known all along (much like learning how a car works, even though you know as a kid that it does).  I have always been very good with psychology, and all-in-all, these things are not far separated one from another in terms of their effect in my life.

I began to be more aware of such things as I got older as they pertained to the things I knew, as knowledge only amplified the gift within.  The strength has always remained true, but the underlying components of understanding have just increased as I’ve grown smarter through the years.

Here’s my example (though the gift goes well beyond these borders):  I can look at someone and in the amplitude of half a second, can tell you how honest they are (or how dishonest also), what sins they struggle with, what they think about on a regular basis, and what types of things they hope in and struggle with.  I can also assess the intellect and range of their reality (I’ll have a post coming next week on that concept itself), as well as their relationships with other people, and how they would respond in almost any given situation!  Again, this happens all in the space of less than a second.

I mentioned two weeks ago (in the previous “About Me (Part 5)” post) that I see the world in graphs and numbers.  This gift shows up pretty similarly (not all the way, but several aspects do).  Now, let me be clear about this, the gift is independent of the data, but the data shows up immediately after (milliseconds) and supports the gift.  I see wrinkle lines, indicating amounts of time smiling, crying, fearing, hurting, and so on.  It’s thousands of little expressions and nuances that convey little parts (like puzzle pieces) of a story that tells me everything about a soul. I see their influences and struggles, and what makes them laugh or lash out.  I guess you can see now why this might become overwhelming when “ON” all the time!  Every detail about their movements (or lack of) indicate so many things to me at once; but again, data supports the already known conclusions, and not the other way around.

This all ties in pretty well with how I understand psychology.  I understand psychology very, very, very well!  You see, it’s psychological behavior that governs all of our books and movies (see aforementioned post), our interactions, and our relationships.  We respond (societally) as we’ve been so trained to do.  Most people don’t even know they are doing just that, but often they are simply regurgitating things that they have heard before, thrown into the depths of their subconscious, and then just thinking that that’s “who they are”.  But as I mentioned earlier, all of these “psychological evaluations and (especially) ‘truths’” are very much relative to a host of factors.  These factors are almost never evaluated (unless you have a degree in psychology, or are aware that they exist; read “tell me about your relationship with your mother”).  Yet these very factors play such a vital role in our own psychological makeup.  But I’ll get into those things next week.  For now, let’s simply acknowledge that they exist.

Most people (as I’ve heard), play out scenarios in their head about a conversation that they plan to have (with a boss, or a friend, or a spouse, etc.); they contemplate what they will say, what the other person might say, and how they will respond if they say “this” or how they’ll respond if they say “that”.  My psychological understanding, however, allows me to know almost with exact precision what the other person will say.  I can even tell you what their body language will be, and their facial expressions will indicate.  For that matter, I could even see what they are meaning without words that they don’t even say in a conversation (yeah, kind of an “evaluation within an evaluation” of sorts (insert Inception reference here)).  And at this point, I will make mention of something that you might be gathering if you’re thinking a bit laterally:  Yes, this gift makes it VERY easy to manipulate people!  I know that I have the ability to completely re-wire someone’s brain in just a few seconds; I can change a person’s perspective around backwards, and with a few strokes of my pen (words), can completely engulf their brain with a forced thought.  BUT (a very big “BUT” for that matter), I DO NOT do that!  I realized when I was in my early 20’s that I had that ability to manipulate situations and people EXTREMELY well, and (with a lot of conviction from the Holy Ghost) realized how much I needed to not use that ability.  I won’t go so far as to say that manipulation is “witchcraft” as I’ve heard a few times before (though I could support the notion), but I will say that it is ungodly.  Salesmen use it to influence you to buy things; (good) teachers use it to help things stick; and professionals in all areas use it to help make their world a better place.  But taken too far, it is simply taking away the right of people to make their own mind up.  In many ways, it is VERY similar to a computer virus.  A pop-up ad is understandable and acceptable, as we have a choice to ignore it or click on it.  But when you know how to re-wire people’s mind entirely, it is just like putting a virus in their computer, and changing how their program works entirely.  I say this to you, because I want you to know I have intentionally forsaken the practice of it, because I would rather give other’s their freedom; I would much rather help people to see the light and truth, not force it upon them.

So, don’t ever fear that having a conversation with me would result in me using any of the discerned things about a person against them, or using psychology to make things go the way I want.  I am comfortable leading a horse to water, but not with forcing salt down it’s throat so that it’s forced to drink.  I hope (for the second time in a row) that I haven’t scared you off.

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  1. Tracy
    October 22nd, 2015

    Life is like a book; set it out in front of others, open it for them , but let them turn the page. Hopefully your friendliness & encouragement can & will inspire them to turn the page.

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