Letting Go Of Fate

by childofGod778 / Thursday, 22 September 2016 / Published in . Quotes .

As my birthday passed a couple days ago, I got to spend this week doing a lot of reflecting.  I think we’ve all gone through so many stages of life, growing from one stage to another.  I have grown up in so many ways, even as the days become years.  One of those stages that I’ve moved past (many many years ago) was letting go of the idea that “fate” is a thing.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly place for “coincidence”, “inevitability”, and so on.  But I came to understand that the actual notion of fate was one where I became more aware of my own effect on my life, and thus began to see my consequences as the outcome of my own decisions along the way.  And it is with that thought in mind that I present this quote from my own reflection on fate vs control.

“When you stop believing in fate, you realize it’s much scarier knowing that you’re in control of your own decisions”

– C. Noble

This (like last week) came from a discussion that I had after a self-reflection of the subject.  In the grip of fate, we are able to loose personal responsibility for life’s effects; but in the grasp of true understanding, we must recognize the role we play in writing our own future.  And that’s a much more intense place to abide.

– 778 –

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