Springfield Times With Shawn

by childofGod778 / Friday, 9 September 2016 / Published in . Photos .

Not only did I get to see my BFF in my hometown, but I got to go to his hometown too!  Last weekend I was able to take an extended time off work to go hang out with my buddy and do cool stuff at his house.  We went exploring in a cave nearby, hiked around the woods, got some ticks (like A LOT OF THEM), and even incurred some injuries that I was able to use a local plant to patch up and slow the bleeding.

Cave buddies. Family photo that the dog wanted to be in on.

Explorers hard at work.

The original cave-man, Shawn.

Soft, absorbent plant helped slow the bleeding from this injury.

We had a fantastic time just checking out the area and discovering our own path through the woods.  That’s what a good best friend does with you… helps you find your way when there is no path!

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