The Aspirations Of The Lofty

by childofGod778 / Thursday, 29 September 2016 / Published in . Quotes .

So my best friend Shawn gave me an audiobook to listen to called “Sir Apropos Of Nothing”.  It’s a comical twist on your typical hero story, because the whole thing is told from the main character, who is in fact always not the main character of the story (the background of the story will help you understand the quote better).  His whole life is a realization that he is not in fact the “chosen one” as predicted, but instead he’s a side-note to everyone else’s story.  And his epiphany of this came in the form of this beautiful quote (that I had to rewind repeatedly to copy word for word).

“It’s all good and well to imagine oneself as the center of a great and epic adventure story… that good triumphs, and evil is defeated. But the simple truth is that you have to come to terms with the fact that life simply isn’t like that. Those who are evil have virtues; those who are good have flaws. And the outcome of the story (if you will) isn’t predicated on high-flow morality. But instead on who’s smarter, and better armed, and luckier. That’s simply the way of it, and the truth of it.”

– Sir Apropos Of Nothing

Let’s face it: life isn’t so black and white as we like to pretend it is.  Good guys do bad things, and bad guys do good deeds.  It reminds me of that riddle by Varys in Game Of Thrones.  Not everything is always as it seems.

– 778 –

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