Tidbits (Number 1)

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I decided that I’d share with you some unique things about me that don’t quite fit into a major category of “About Me“.  That is to say, these things are just fun little facts about me that I refer to as “tidbits” of information about me.  They are little nuggets of truth that don’t warrant an entire blog post.  So I’m gonna share these things with you 20 at a time, and give a little bit of explanation in what they mean.  These are not in any order except for the order of the order in which I thought about them and subsequently wrote them down.  Here are 20 “tidbits” about me:

  • I make a lot of noises in the morning when I wake up.   (The noise:tired ratio is a direct correlation.  Not a specific noise, but more like just “noises”.)
  • I get man-flu.  (When I get sick, I am useless.  But I rarely get sick.)
  • I like to dry off a certain way when I get out of the shower.  (Not an intention thing, but a habit I’ve just done over time.)
  • I always take a final drink as the last thing I do when I leave a table from eating.  (Again, not an intentional thing, but a habit I’ve just done over time.)
  • I am a Blistex junkie.  (I like Blistex brand lip balm, and pretty much constantly keep it on.)
  • I have a method before I go to sleep.  (I have an intentional method that I go through for my bedtime routine.)
  • I don’t like to wake up immediately and jump out of bed, or I end up feeling a little sick.  (I actually take like 15 minutes minimum to get out of bed every morning.)
  • I write EVERYTHING down that I want to remember.  (Much like the movie Memento, I pretty much don’t remember anything; so I write ALL OF IT down that I want to remember)
  • I’m complex but not complicated.  (These are not exclusive terms, but can be very distinctive; I am very simple-natured, but in not-so-simple ways.)
  • I wrote notes for everything.  (Not only do I write down everything I want to remember, but I also write down LOTS of things; I have notes about my notes (no, seriously).)
  • I quote movies all the time.  (If you ever talk with me, it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll reference a line from a movie at least once in our conversation; most people don’t even catch them when I say them.)
  • I see ALL the “cup is half full” perspectives about life… at the same time.  (You can find the reference of that here if you don’t have a clue about what I’m talking about.)
  • I make flower loops when I talk.  (This will take a bit more to explain, but basically… I don’t “chase rabbits” when I talk; instead (like a picture of a child drawing a daisy), I have a hub (what the conversation is about), and I will draw lines that may look like I’m chasing rabbits, but I ALWAYS have a point in going that route with the conversation, and I bring it back around to the center of what we are discussing.)
  • I’m not a democrat nor a republican, nor a liberal or conservative; I’m an anarchist.  (From the Greek words “An”, meaning “Without”, and “Arkhi”, meaning “Rulers”; it doesn’t mean without rules, just without rulers; I think no Government is a good solution)
  • I don’t get mad or angry or yell; regardless of the situation.  I talk calmly.  (This is true 99.998% of the time; I have screamed only a handful of times in my life.)
  • My phone is ALWAYS on, and ALWAYS on me.  (There are no exceptions to this.  If you can’t reach me immediately, it means I’ve either been abducted, I’m asleep and didn’t hear my phone, or I’m in a dead zone.  I always answer the phone, and always text back immediately.)
  • I talk in random voices often.  (Hang around me long enough, and an accent or three will almost always come out.)
  • If I say “okay” to your point, it doesn’t mean I agree with you.  (I might agree or might not, but when I say “okay” in response to a point you’re making, it only means that I understand what you are saying fully; nothing else.)
  • I like taking intentional vacations.  (I enjoy having a vacation with a purposeful (potentially bucket list) item to do.)
  • I have LOTS of rules about how I treat my Bible.  (For example(s): I wash my hands before I read it; I don’t set anything on top of it; I don’t set it on the floor unless I’m on the floor also while reading it; I don’t crinkle the pages as I turn them; I don’t underline verses in it, nor highlight things in it (I’m not opposed to it, I just don’t do it); I don’t carry it or place it upside down (vertically or horizontally); I pray before and after I read it; I don’t eat food over or near it; I don’t loan it out unless I’m with it; I keep it in a protective case when I’m not reading it; etc.)

So there’s a few fun tidbits about me that you may not have known.  If you’ve noticed any about me, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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