Wanna Know More About Me? (Part 1)

by childofGod778 / Monday, 3 March 2014 / Published in . Personal .

The general (which you should read first) can be found on the About Me page.  This post is for you if you want to know even more than “me in a nutshell”.

I have lived in Boone, North Carolina since I was basically born; It’s where I call my “home-town”.  I am an Eagle Scout, and I am very skilled in wilderness survival and TEOTWAWKI prepping.  I went to school for three years to become certified as an paramedic, but then realized that I didn’t ultimately want to do that forever (after 3 years of school plus being certified in NC, AZ, and then receiving a Nation Certification).  So I went to the Art Institute instead to learn photography and business.  I have had TONS of jobs in my life… actually, I’ve had over 60 different jobs; I have probably had more jobs than anyone else my age;  I’ve done everything from working at McDonalds (first job) to working at:  a gas station, a Japanese steak house, Lowe’s hardware (as both a cashier and a home-delivery man), a telemarketing agency, Cracker Barrel, Arby’s, a landscaping company, a mega-church, a collection agency, maintenance crews, EMT crews, county pools (as a lifeguard (I was certified for 5 years)), on a fire department, as a first responder, Chili’s, Dairy Queen, doing vacuum cleaner sales, door to door sales, construction for 7 years, building birdhouses, photography, jewelry making, pool maintenance technician, business owner, corporate director for a multi-county company, crew leader, groundskeeper, irrigation specialist, interpreting for the deaf, and the list literally goes on and on!  I have done TONS of stuff!  Not only in terms of j-o-b’s, but in life itself.  Most recently, I was running a very successful photography company, and working as the Director of Maintenance Operations for a large company in Raleigh, NC.  I had a great salary, great benefits, and lots of stuff.  But my soul was empty and longing for a more “real” experience of life.  So I walked away, and decided to get my backpack out and go experience the world!  That’s why I made this website… because I want to share my adventures with you!

I’ve been pretty much everywhere in the US except for the upper right few states, and the upper left few states.  I’ve been snorkeling in the Bahamas and on a cruise out into islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  Every summer until the last few years I used to go to the lake (back in NC) with my family and go skiing (wakeboarding, slaloming, kneeboarding, jet-skiing, etc, etc); we used to play all kinds of games on the shore (tons of people; parties every weekend).  Every winter I used to go snow skiing and snow boarding up in the mountains;  I used to do all kinds of trail riding stuff on my bike as well.  I had a motorcycle (but that’s a tragic story).  I bought it brand new off the showroom floor (for $10,000), but a car hit me and totaled it before I had even made my second payment on it!  Absolutely totaled it!  I was fine, but they fled the scene, and I was left to pay for what happened (even though they came into my lane and hit me.)  I still plan on getting another one, but I have other financial obligations first.  I’ve played lots of different sports (on actual formed teams), including everything from basketball to baseball, volleyball, swim team, football, wrestling, etc..  Never did find one that I was crazy about after about a year.  That’s a bit about me in regards to history and general knowledge of what I’ve done.

There’s more to tell in parts 2 & 3.  Stay tuned.  I’ll have it ready for you one week from today!

– 778

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  1. Bony Mathew
    March 3rd, 2014

    Great story brother! Hope to see more soon. God bless you in this journey ahead!

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