Wanna Know More About Me? (Part 2)

by childofGod778 / Monday, 10 March 2014 / Published in . Personal .

Last week, I told you some more about the “man behind the curtain” so to speak.  This week, I’ll tell you even more!

If you missed last week’s post, you can find it here.  But before you read that one, you should read the About Me page to get the basics.  Well, without further ado, here’s part 2:

About me in terms of character:  I believe in old fashioned ways (chivalry, honesty, integrity, etc.), and I have a passion for anything outdoors!  (I have a great despise for Arizona btw, due to the intense heat and ugliness of the state).  As a Christian, I have a very specific set of values and principles that I believe in, and they all revolve around acting like Jesus did, and more importantly, acting the way Jesus would want to act in and through me!  I am REALLY good at math, logic, physics, and psychology.  I only recently discovered my passion for art as a whole!  I LOVE music!  No, not like when people say they love music, but rather, I LOVE MUSIC!!  Music is the rhythm of life!  I play a bansuri.  (what is that?)  Well, it’s a woodwind flute made out of bamboo that only grows in a specific part of India.  Indians (dot, not feather) play it a lot.  The instrument is unique in terms of “why” one plays it.  If you want to hear what it sounds like, go onto YouTube and check out “Night Path” by Cornell Kinderknecht;  he plays a bansuri similar to mine (it’s worth listening to).  Back on track though, about my character:  I am full of hope, and optimistic in every way; I’m inevitably the center of the party life because I’m COMPLETELY extroverted personality.  I love meeting new people and seeing the good qualities in them, no matter how hard it might be for others.  Forgiveness and forgetfulness (as a good thing) comes very natural to me… I’m a lot like a spring.  I just “let things go”, and the spring goes back to normal!  I love people sooo much!!

About my enlightenment:  This past year (2013) was probably the biggest eye opener in my life in terms of understanding “life”.  From an outside perspective you would probably say I’m a “Conspiracy Theorist”, but I honestly think of myself as a “Critical Thinker”.  I see things for how they really are, and I don’t take the “media’s version” of things at face value any more.  I do my own research, and I figure things out.  There’s SOOO much that people don’t want you to know (get your tin-foil hats on), but there are ways of finding out the truth.   More than anything else though, I have seen and been enlightened about what life is all about.  I stopped trying to chase down the American Dream, and decided that I would rather just live life!  We are often told in this country that success is a destination, but I believe real value is found in the journey.   If you follow this blog often, you’ll see plenty of videos that have shaped the way I think about life.  I enjoy sharing the inspirational stuff that has molded me with other people who can benefit from it also.  That’s what this website is all about!  I want to have an adventure in life, and share it with you!  Sitting in a cubicle just doesn’t sound very fun compared to what I’m doing with my life these days.  I don’t need the nicest boat or fanciest suit and high-class car when I have views like this!  I find my peace and joy in my relationship with Jesus, and in experiencing life to the fullest… even if that means that I won’t have my name on “the richest people” list.   I have sought out understanding and wisdom, and now feel like I see the world as it is.  Stay tuned to my future posts, and you’ll catch plenty of glimpses of inspirational quotes and motivating truths to help you live out your passion the way that I am.

All-in-all, I’m just living out my passion and living LIFE as I feel it’s meant to be experienced!  I thank you for joining me in this incredible journey!

I will post the final about me section next week!

– 778

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